from the archive: 2016 photo diary


I'm not gonna write heaps about 2016 because to be quite frank I'd like to put it behind me and move on with my life, but here is a mish mash of photos and notes from various times in the year- places I went, nice moments, things I wanna remember, things I wanna forget, some cryptic and not so cryptic snippets from captions, tweets, blog posts and diary entries from yours truly. It's how I want to remember the year- some of the best times (dance parties, adventures, doing things I'm proud of!!!) and some of the worst times happening simultaneously out of my control in the absolute fucking whirlwind that was this trainwreck of a year.

A few things: I started off the year and ended it kissing amongst the fireworks and a few times in between, sangria in the sunshine, lots of fun, dogs, I was the often the unhappiest I've been in a long time but also sometimes the happiest, I laughed a lot, I cried a shit ton, ate a lot of takeaways, bottomless coffee. Undereye circles. The year of The Exhaustion Eye Twitch. 

Also: Dance parties, making new friends, opening up. Being unapologetically selfish. Lots of bread, lots of emergencies. I finished my four year degree, I went on adventures, I ate a lot of breakfast food. 

I disappointed myself in a lot of ways but I also did lots of things that I'm proud of. There were some really good headlines and memes that made me chuckle, mike got grey sweatpants, I crossed paint a mural off my 'career' bucket list, I got really unfit, I got fit again, I fell back in love with exercise, finally stopped washing my hair every day. 

Overall it was a good year I think, but I'm glad it's over also.


  • get a new job!! you hate your job serving half strength coffees to the elderly and trim flat whites who medical professionals who think they’re too good to smile to you!!
  • have more fun! you had fun this year because you decided you’d rather have fun than stay in and keep your health and look how much fun you’ve had! have more next year! hopefully you won’t have a shitty job with 6am sunday starts
  • eat more vegetables you piece of shit, you’re a vegetarian that means u only eat vegetables so how come you can go like three weeks without eating a vegetable??? meal plan and do your goddamn groceries!
  • be a bit nicer to yourself, aka stop calling yourself a piece of shit all the time lol
  • actually focus on saving u have too much stuff you need to calm the fuck down on treating yourself okay?? do you think you’re beyonce??
  • get better at talking about my feelings lolol i’m terrible at talking and terrible at feelings and this year i’ve internalised lots of shit that i probably should have talked to people about so next year let’s actually get some it out okay? whether it be in writing on ze blog, or just to my mates 
  • call my parents more often and even if i’m tired don’t be a bitch!! ur parents love u and they’re the only ones you’ve got so be nice!