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I'm a textile design graduate and graphic designer. I love drawing, photos, words, painting, and combining these digitally. Unexpected moments, things that make me feel, colour combinations and the way shapes sit next to each other, close ups, weird juxtapositions and happy accidents. My work and who I am as a designer is always evolving, and my favourite part of this process is documenting it all- the works in progress, the digital overlays that happen by accident but somehow look better than the finished product, the finished products I love, and what's going on in my always chaotic life. This is me, this is what I do, and this is what I love.

Collage and illustration


Personal illustration work, 2016


the little inbetween bits will always hold more interest more than the finished product. the way one line looks over a shape, one stroke that i wish i could frame and call it done right then. 

WIP shot, Urban fitness mural, 2016

Editorial Illustration for Intercom Inc.



Creating brand collateral for Shift

Pattern design and lettering for Shift Wellington as part of their brand collateral- co-designed with Rachel knight, natalie procter, and charlotte upton.



Card set, 2017



 Custom type for Shift Wellington's holiday program, Embrace The Wild

Custom type for Shift Wellington's holiday program, Embrace The Wild

blog header, 2014

stephen and alexis's wedding invitations, 2016

 Logo for Inline.

Logo for Inline.


exhibition @ matchbox studios






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