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At Your Leisure, 2015

What does wellbeing mean to you? How can textile design help improve the wellbeing of a space? The brief for this project involved improving the overall wellbeing of a given space (The Cancer Society in Wellington) through structural textile approaches or print design. Having designed for interiors digitally in two other projects this year, I wanted to challenge myself by designing for apparel and using screen print- way more hands on. 

To me, an important aspect of wellbeing is gained through movement. Whether it's outside or inside, my body feels best when it's moving. Through research, exploration and development, I ended up proposing a leisurewear collection using soft linens and cottons, with a co-ordinating interiors application with the end aim to be inviting to visitors into the space to want to move. Movement can be fun- however you like to do it best.

A zero waste pattern t-shirt screen-printed onto linen was my final product for this project, alongside which went four co-ordinating designs for interior and apparel. Through playful illustrations of movement and fun, At Your Leisure is designed to encourage movement through design.