welcome to ferngrant.com

 Alternate names I threw around for my website included ferneatsbrunchandliftsthings.com, diariesofabrokebarista.com, and thegapyearchronicles.com however those were all a little bit too long and none of them covered everything that I'm all about so I took a more creative approach and named this corner of the internet ferngrant.com

ferngrant.com was born in 2014 (I think) and doubles as my design portfolio and blogging platform- an honest, sometimes funny, often tragic documentation of my life.

Since it's birth, I've had five different jobs, turned 22, finished a design degree, fallen in love with extreme lifting and shared too much about my life on the internet.

I make coffee for a living and spend my free time doing the odd freelance thing and working on personal projects but I'm best when very, very busy so flick me an email if you'd like to keep me busy and happy at fern.grant@hotmail.com

To keep up with my latest work and my life as a human disaster, follow me on whatever social media  floats your boat (I'm extra annoying on twitter so maybe avoid that)